COVID-19 update

In the light of yesterday’s government advice, “Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others”, I need to make significant changes to the way I deliver piano lessons.

For the time being, I will no longer teach face-to-face lessons at my piano studio.

Like many other music teachers I will be happy to continue to give lessons via video call using FaceTime or Skype. Whilst this is a different way of working, it does present some helpful learning opportunities, and allows the student to maintain a sense of momentum in their progress. This is how individual teaching is proceeding at leading music colleges like the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Other learners may prefer to proceed by via video messaging, for example, using iMessage or Whatsapp.

To continue piano lessons via video call, you will need:

  • an Apple device with the FaceTime app
  • or any other device (laptop, tablet, phone) with the Skype app

Before the lesson:

  • Please check your email inbox as I may have sent some learning material that will need to be printed out

During the lesson:

  • Please have everything ready before the start of the video lesson
  • try to position the camera so that it shows your face and hands; make sure that there is sufficient lighting
  • remember to have a pencil to hand; you may need to write comments or fingering on the music, or in your practice notebook.
  • Students up to the age of 18 must have their lesson using a responsible adult’s account, and under their supervision.