Coronavirus Statement

I’m grateful for advice recently received from the two professional organisations that I belong to: the European Piano Teachers Association and the Musicians’ Union.

The situation is likely to change, but in the light of advice currently available, this is how I will respond.

  • All visitors to my piano studio will be asked to wash their hands with soap and water on arrival – this includes students, parents and siblings. I will provide paper towels for hand drying.
  • I will continue to wipe down the piano keyboard at the start of every lesson. Anything that I need to demonstrate will be played on the Roland digital piano, rather than on the upright piano which will be played only by the student.
  • A box of tissues will be kept on top of the piano; tissues should be used to catch coughs and sneezes. Once used, tissues should be placed in the bin and hands should be washed again before the lesson continues.
  • If a student is unwell, or is required to self-isolate, it might be possible to deliver the lesson via Skype or Facetime. If this is the case, in order that we can proceed as normal, the video call will be between myself and a responsible adult (for example, a parent) who will need to be present throughout the lesson.