Piano Initial 2018-20

Technical Work


  • Badings Canon
  • Bera-Tagrine Conversation
  • Charlton Tickery Tockery
  • Daxböck et al. Lullaby
  • Harris Spies on a Mission
  • Heumann Spanish Guitar Player
  • Reinagle Allegro (no. 4 from 24 Short and Easy Pieces)
  • Stahl Stick and Hat
  • Strecke The Waltz of the Toads
  • Arnold Two Sad Hands
  • Beyer Lyrical Piece op 101 no 39
  • Crosland King for a Day
  • Gurlitt Trumpet Tune
  • Heumann Harlequin Waltz
  • Orff Tanzstück (Dancing Piece)
  • Sebba Wotcha Doin’?
  • Stahl Today I’m Fine
  • Strecke Ball Playing
  • Terzisaschitsch Interval Magic
  • Terzisaschitsch Round Dance
  • Wilton Allegro moderato (1st Movement from Sonatina)

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