Video link piano lesson reviews

Having made the change to teaching online in the middle of March, I’ve been delighted with the progress my students have been making, and impressed by quality of work that they are putting in. I asked them what they thought about online piano lessons, and here are the responses I have received so far.

Here’s a review from one of my fifth year students:

“I’m really enjoying my virtual piano lessons. In a time where everything is so uncertain and abnormal, it’s nice to still have the opportunity to improve my piano playing and to continue learning. I’m finding that doing lessons over video call really has no negative impact on my learning and is equally as useful as having face to face lessons. Would highly recommend that people consider trying virtual music lessons if they haven’t already done so as I’m finding them to be very productive.”

So, whilst some students drew pictures, some sent in text, some sent a photograph of themselves in their lesson, when one student’s mother sent this movie trailer through to me, it came as a complete surprise!